Introducing the This Week in Mentalists Awards 2013

Thanks for your time folks. Nominations are now closed (except for Best New Blog and Most Sadly Missed) and we look forward to announcing the winners soon.

As the weekly This Week in Mentalists social media roundups transfer from The World of Mentalists website to here, it’s also time to announce the start of the annual This Week in Mentalists Awards. This is where we recognise the best in mental health blogging (and for the first time this year, vlogging as well). We’ll be asking for your help to pick them.

We want you to leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post, telling us who you think should win in the various categories.

The categories are very different from last year. Where previously the awards were divided along the lines of disorders and professions, we’ve abandoned that completely this year. This time around the categories are more organised along what the blog tries to convey rather than the background of the person writing it. A couple of the categories will be divided by a straight public vote. The rest will be through one round of public nominations, followed by a judging panel to decide the winners. We’ll introduce the judges in the next couple of days. The winners will be announced on 21st December 2013.

The categories that will be decided by a straight public vote are:

Best New Blog

Most Sadly Missed

The categories that the public will nominate on, and then go through to the judging panel are:

Lived experience










All the categories are for blogs, except for “Vlog”, which is for, well, vlogs, funnily enough.

In addition to this, once the winners have been picked for each category, the judges will be asked to cast a single vote for one of the remaining blogs and vlogs. The winner in this vote will be given the Wildcard Award.

You now have until 1st November to nominate blogs and vlogs using the comments thread to this post. The top three in each category will then be passed to the judging panel, apart from the two which are a straight public vote. You can continue to nominate for these right up to 5pm on Friday 20th December.

Obviously, we need to have a little bit of order in how we do this, so I need to state…


1. The first stage of selection will be a public vote where readers are invited to submit their favourite blogs. The three blogs with the most nominations in each category will go through to the judging panel.

2. The judges will then cast a single vote for their favourite blogs in each category. In the event of a tie, one of the adjudicators (Zarathustra or Dawn Willis) will submit a deciding vote.

3. After the judges have finished voting, they will each be invited to submit a “wildcard” vote for one of the blogs that didn’t win. The blog with the most votes in this round will receive the Wildcard Award.

4. The public can submit their nominations by leaving them in a comment to the blog post announcing nominations (ie. this). Each individual can nominate as many blogs as they like, in as many categories as they like. However, they must submit at least two blogs overall for their nominations to be counted.

5. NO SPAMMING/MANIPULATING THE NOMINATIONS! Suspicious nomination patterns may result in a blog or vlog being disqualified from the awards. In the event of any suspicious nomination patterns, the decision of the adjudicators will be final.

6. Two categories: “Best New Blog” and “Most Sadly Missed blog” are decided by the public vote alone, and will not go through to the judging panel.

7. Judges and adjudicators are ineligible to vote in the public nominations. Also, blogs run by a judge or adjudicator are ineligible for the awards. You can find a list of the judges here.

8. You cannot nominate your own blog.

9. To be eligible for a TWIM Award, a blog or vlog must have been updated within the last 6 months. The only exception to this is in the “Sadly Missed” category, which must have ceased blogging within the past year (and either not have posted in the last three months, or clearly stated that the blog will be no longer updated). To be eligible for the Best New Blog award, the blog must have started within the past year.

10. Blogs that are marked private are not eligible, because they are inaccessible to our judges. However, blogs that have been recently privatised can be considered for the “Most Missed” category, on the same basis as retired blogs (ie. privatised within the last year).

11. Blogs primarily intended to promote a commercial product or an organisation are not eligible for the TWIM Awards.

12. A blog can only be nominated for one of the categories that go through to the judges. If a blog receives nominations in more than category, the adjudicators will decide which category it best fits. Where possible they will do this in consultation with the blog owner. Any nominations received in other categories will still be counted, but will be moved to the chosen category.

Over to you guys. It’s time for you to tell us your favourite blogs and vlogs, so get commenting.

113 thoughts on “Introducing the This Week in Mentalists Awards 2013

  1. I would like to nominate Victoria Betton’s Co-producing digital mental health blog. in the interests of transparency, we co-wrote the ebook Social Media in Mental Health Practice. Working with her was one of the most inspirational aspects of my ‘digital’ experiences. Her blog leads, shares, encourages others and is a fantastic resource for anyone working in mental health practice – and always has a spark of fun and humility at the same time.

  2. Some amazing blogs nominated here already – fantastic to discover new ones to follow!

    I’d like to nominate Men Tell Health in the ‘Humour’ category:
    Great writing and good to have some honest conversation.

    I’d also like to nominate Doc Ready for the ‘Helpful’ category:
    Very helpful for young people, giving them a voice through the blog, but also looking at other issues such as accessibility.

    Good luck to all the blogs nominated so far!

  3. I would like to vote for Raising Jonah ( and Pretty feet poptoe ( in the Lived Experience category.

    • I would like to vote for Raising Jonah (
      and Pretty feet poptoe (

  4. I would like to vote for Raising Jonah ( and Pretty feet poptoe (

  5. Hi, I’d like to nominate the following please:


    Recovery > By Danny Baker- an incredible source of support for those experiencing depression. He uses his blog to offer advice about recovery and to speak out about a range of contemporary mental health issues that he feels needs need to be brought to people’s attention.

    Happy Mental – Onwards and Upwards

    Vlog. I would like to vote for Jonny Benjamin. Jonny Benjamin’s youtube channel-
    His excellent videos raise awareness about specific mental health conditions. They also help people know that there is support, they are not alone and that there are people willing to help break the stigma that they face.

    Campaigning: May Gabriel’s “It’s Ok Campaign”, which challenges the stigma surrounding depression amongst teenagers

    Helpful > By Kimberley Giles who provides insight into her experiences of living with mental health problems- her honesty and down-earth attitude make it easy to relate to her experiences.

  6. I would like to nominate Dawn Breaking ( in the New Blog Category. I find the author’s blog to be insightful, informative and thought-provoking. By opening up in this blog on their process, the author is contributing to breaking down barriers and common misconceptions about mental health and the people who are affected by it.

  7. I would like to vote for this blog page
    It cheered me right up. Blog pages such as this raise awareness, and remove the ignorance and prejudice on mental health issues.

  8. Some more nominations-
    And most missed blog-mentalpoliticalparent

  9. A couple more provided to me via Twitter:

    From @Sectioned_

    Julie’s Mum (Carer)

    Therapy Tales (Humour)

    From Anothermum

    One More Mum (Carer)

    From Lapsang Susie

    Therapy Tales (Humour)

    One More Mum (Carer)

  10. Here are my suggesgtions @Sectioned Camapigning
    Happy mental @IamCarieeeeee Lived Experience
    Jonny Benjamin Vlogging
    acarereseyes Carers
    Recovery PD2OT Journey from SU to Professional
    1BoringOldman Informative

  11. First time trying this so here goes

    My crazy biploar life

    Muted chatterbox

    The path with a heart

    Just me , nobody else

    The quiet borderline

    I am fighting a war, mine just happens to be with life

  12. Coo-ee! Now that I’m impartial and stuff, let me wade in with a few nominations 🙂

    For Lived Experience, I’d like to nominate Conversations With My Head, Living With Bipolar Disorder and DID, and All the Avenues Look Ugly.

    In Informative, I’d like to nominate Unquiet Slumber for the Sleepers and Sisyphus Bound.

    In the Vlogging category, I’m going with Jonny Benjamin’s brilliant video diaries.

    I may add more, but either way good luck to all!


    Pan ❤ xxx

  13. Recovery > By Danny Baker- an amazing source of support for those going through depression. He is using his blog to offer advice about recovery and to speak out about a variety of contemporary mental health issues that he passionately believes need to be brought closer to the forefront of public consciousness

    Informative> Dr Ben Hannigan provides this useful blog with very thoughtful and critical reflections on mental health, nursing, policy, services, people, research and education. I really enjoy reading Dr Hannigan’s writing and hearing what he has to say on mental health issues. I think he has a very good way of engaging the reader and is very intelligent. His writing style is very accessible and I find his insights very intriguing.

    Helpful > By Kimberley Giles who provides insight into her experiences of living with mental health problems- her honesty and writing makes it very easy to connect with her and gain understanding. She talks about all aspects of her daily life here, and I respect her a lot!

  14. The immense irony of mental health bloggers discussing their labels/categories, presided over by authority figures who decide what “suspicious voting patterns” looks like- ie which of them is manipulating the process – fills me with joy unbounded. Seriously.

    Good luck all.

    • Hi. You can only nominate a blog in one category I’m afraid, so I’ll count your nomination in Humour.

      Also, for your nominations to be counted you need to nominate at least two blogs, so would you like to nominate a second one?

      • Ah, there’s a difficulty in accepting that nomination. Mental Health Cop is actually on the judging panel, so he’s not eligible for the award. Would you like to suggest a different blog?

        I’ll count your nomination for Men Tell in the New category.

  15. Hi there

    Please can I nominate the following blogs:

    @leedswellweb – Leeds Wellbeing Web
    @Positivity Smile –
    @PsychiatrySHO –
    @MrJonnyBenjamin – vlog
    @AmandaStand_ – beautyfrompain

    I’ll probably add some more later 🙂

  16. I need to find more blogs to read! But for Lived Experience I’d like to nominate My Crazy Bipolar Life such a brilliant blog and an amazing writer 🙂

  17. Here are my nominations so far… I may add more in the coming weeks!


    MOST SADLY MISSED: (Not sure if I can nominate as not been updated since May 2012??)


    RECOVERY: (Not a blog about recovery as such, maybe you could ask if she minds being placed in recovery category?)





    May have a few more to add as I get my thinking cap on!! Oh and I’d also like to nominate this blog but unsure if there’s any category’s it would fall into:

  18. Hi are we allowed to encourage people to nominate someone’s blog/vlog by tweeting on twitter & put a link to the awards page in our tweets? Please advise!

    E.g. TWEET: “Please consider nominating ***** vlog 4 this award the 2013 Mentalists Awards *LINK*

    I’m asking because I’m not sure if this would break rule number 5

    • Hi Melanie

      There’s no particular rule against people canvassing for nominations. The rule about spamming is more to do with people inventing multiple identities for one person to vote for the same blog (usually their own) again and again.

      Do please note though that for anyone wishing to nominate has to submit at least two blogs/vlogs in order for their votes to be counted.

  19. I’m sure I’ve missed someone off, but here’s my initial list:

    Most Sadly Missed:
    Fighting Monsters
    You Make Me Feel Sick (link no longer functional *cries* – now replaced by Blogging Mental)

    Lived Experience:
    pd2ot – My Journey From Service User to Professional
    Happy Mental – Onwards and Upwards
    Blogging Mental – Mental Illness: Been There, Done That, Hold Strong Opinions About It
    A Carers Eyes
    Beauty from Pain
    Reflections and Ruminations

    pd2ot – My Journey From Service User to Professional
    Happy Mental – Onwards and Upwards
    Blogging Mental – Mental Illness: Been There, Done That, Hold Strong Opinions About It
    Beauty from Pain
    Reflections and Ruminations

    pd2ot – My Journey From Service User to Professional
    Health Skills


    Mental Health Cop

    A Carers Eyes

    pd2ot – My Journey From Service User to Professional

    Words for Wellbeing

    • Hiya, and thanks for these.

      I’m afraid you can only nominate a blog in one category, so we may need to have a think about which category to put pd2ot, Happy Mental and Blogging Mental into.

      Also, we can’t accept nominations for Beauty from Pain or Mental Health Cop as (and here comes a little spoiler for my next blog post) they’re on the judging panel. 🙂

    • Hi Phil,

      Thanks for keeping me straight – admittedly, I only skimmed Tha Rulez. I’ll have a think about categories – I’m still a little hazy in my mind on the distinction between the Recovery and Lived Experience categories.

      Congratulations to Amanda and Michael (and the other judges) for being on the panel!

      • I think I’ll wait and see where else those blogs get nominated before making a decision as to which category they “belong” in, probably also canvassing the authors themselves for their opinions on the matter.

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